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Why is Home Decor or Renovation IMPORTANT ?

If you can understand the difference between House and Home then this question is no longer difficult for you to answer it yourself. But yes, this sounds to be a great question as we feel that if we put money on Home decor or in renovation then it comes under our Monthly expense. To an extent its right. Now, let us assume it in a different way and try to dissolve the equation

Home Decor/ Renovation = Expense


Home Decor / Renovation = Investment

Let's consider few Outcomes from home decor or a proper renovation

1. A shift from the existing ambiance to a new ambiance

One of the most obvious outcome of doing the decor or renovation is the complete shift from the old ambiance to a brand new one. This way we enter a new world where we are given the liberty to convert the space as per our needs. A fresh look is always the first thing that can make our mood positive which will ultimately lead to lower stress.


2. An opportunity to move with the trend

Trending Renovation and Home Decor
An opportunity you get to do the renovation according to the trend

So, here we are indulged in finding new elements, design, inspirations or lot of things that can make our living environment new and special. In this process we end up getting a lot of knowledge and mere satisfaction and then we like to implement every single element that had inspired us. Sometimes we do the right way and sometimes we mess it up concluding to make the entire choice as an expense.

Be smart in choosing what is needed and what not, if you are stuck anywhere we are here to help you out. Write a mail to us and get your solution at zero cost

Coming to the scenario, if you do the right way your old out of trend home or any space is now in the niche of the most recently updated trends

To do a simple make over for your home, click here


3. You can remove the unnecessary stuff and get it replaced with the necessary ones

Remove the unnecessary stuff and replace them for a good renovation or home decor

This undoubtedly should have been the first thing we should do while we do the make over of our space. We often do not want to throw the waste and we feel that we need all of these but do you? A survey says that 90% of the people actually do not want to throw any of the old stuff from their place and the reason they give is "We would require this in future" its hard to accept but 90% of the times we DO NOT Use these in our future.

Positive outcomes when you decide to remove the unwanted stuff:

1. You can sell the unwanted and get some handful money which you can use to buy a new stuff.

2. You can recycle or lend those unwanted stuffs to someone who really needs them.

3. You get a lot of useful space.


4. Make your home adaptive for your growing ones

Renovation or Decor by considering everyone in the family
Renovation or Decor by considering everyone in the family

This would be your biggest move. While doing the renovation or home decor it is important that you consider each and every member in your family, it's surprisingly better to even consider members who don't live permanently in your home but are often visiting. It automatically creates an enclosing warmth ambiance.

Other great thing that we should look on is the growth of every individual in the house. Say for example, the grandparents need a medical shelf, supporting hand rails, a nice religious spot suiting their comfort while sitting down or getting up, your growing kids need their individual shelves or wife needs a nice relaxing bean bag with luxurious extensions. The list just goes on.

We can share you a few products you can buy and make your space more adaptive.

These are just few products that are available online are pretty good to use, to buy them just click on the images

If you have a boring white wall then you can get ideas by clicking here

To do a complete make over and get detailed ideas you can write us a mail at


5. Adding great opportunities for higher price while selling.

Home Decor or renovation can lead to higher selling price
Home Decor or renovation can lead to higher selling price

Once you have made everything set and updated as per the new trends and demands, it is obvious that when you sell your livable space you are going to earn more than what you have spent, its identically a strategy that the plot which you have bought long time ago is now upto date and it has become matured enough to pay you back everything that you have given it. Your time to time maintenance and your extra efforts to make your space more livable has turned out to be one of your greatest investments, as it had given you happiness at the right time and paid you back when you needed.


Coming back to the equation

Home Decor/ Renovation = Expense


Home Decor / Renovation = Investment

According to us, both the equations are absolutely correct. If your home decor or renovation is done in the right way then it turns to be an investment, if not its a mere expense.

If you need any assistance for your Interior design project you can be free to contact us


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