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As a world leader of stretch ceilings, Barrisol offers infinite design possibilities for architects, designers and artists seeking to transmute their reverie into reality! Known for its durability, environment friendliness, design freedom, easy installation and reputation



Sefar has been developing outstanding solutions with technical fabrics since 1830. Sefar Architecture Vision is a range of high-precision fabrics made from synthetic black fibers. Glass with Sefar Architecture Vision delivers an exciting interplay of light and the appearance of purity and clarity. 22 / SEFAR Fabrics coated on both sides can have two completely different printed designs without any read-through on the reverse side. In this way, glass gains color – and a designer signature on the exterior and preserves views and reduces glare in the interior.



Founded in 1960, TRESPA is a leading innovator in the field of high quality panels for exterior cladding and decorative façades. The panels come with a 10 years' warranty against any discolouration due to UV of sun rays.



Ever since 1880, Carl Stahl has been up among the leaders when it comes to SS316 ropes and rope meshes. From balustrade in-fills and fall protections to architectural lighting installations and complex solutions. Carl Stahl provides end-to-end solutions to customers with the help of SS316 ropes, rope meshes and SS system components.



A range of light-weight profiles in Al alloy 6060 T66 for architectural exteriors. These can also be used for interior applications like partitions, ceilings, wall claddings etc.

Architectural Louvers are offered in: Fixed as well as Moveable configurations These can be used in both horizontal as well as vertical formats.

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